Dougherty Circuit Bar Association Classifieds

Welcome to the dougherty Circuit Bar Association Online Classifieds, the one-stop shop for all legal classifieds. The Dougherty Circuit Bar Association website reaches a targeted audience of legal professionals. Why bother with generic online classified sites that return irrelevant responses? Reach the right audience, right here. The purpose of the Online Classifieds is to provide an opportunity for DCBA members and non-members, to post and view employment/internship opportunities, office share/rental options, as well as lawyer-to-lawyer services and other specialized categories. Members must be in good standing in order to post their ad at no charge, and the ad must be related to the profession. Ads will run for 30 days. Non-DCBA members will be charged a $50 fee for each classified. Pre-pay online or mail payment to the Dougherty Circuit Bar Association. The Classified Form must accompany payment. The dougherty Circuit Bar Association encourages employers to answer all responses they receive to ads appearing in these pages. However, the DCBA does not and cannot control or monitor the degree of employer response, which is entirely at the discretion of the employer.
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